Save the confluence

Preserving nature is a fundamental part of the fight for an equal society.

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Save the confluence

Stop the construction of a Tourist and Recreation Center directly at the Confluence, and maintain public access to the natural landmark. Retain the rights as residents, to cooperate with and influence local government decision-making with regards to construction projects that directly impact our living space.
Prevent the destruction of nature and preserve the quality of life for local residents.

Planned construction

The developer wants to build an artificial lake, 62 camping places for motorhomes with access for tour busses and recreational vehicles, open toilets, short-term rental units, a restaurant, picnic areas, multipurpose recreational areas, and a ground level parking lot.

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The Confluence is the meeting of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka in Lancovo near Radovljica. The Sava River, the main waterway of central Slovenia, divides Radovljica on the left and right banks. It begins with the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka in Lancovo. The first flows from the direction of Bohinj below the slope of Jelovica into the area of ​​the municipality of Radovljica and is one of the cleanest and most beautiful rivers in Slovenia. The Sava Dolinka flows into the Radovljica area from the direction of the Upper Sava Valley through the picturesque valley of Brje pod Bledom.

Environment & Nature

According to existing classification, the area of ​​the confluence belongs to the ECOLOGICALLY IMPORTANT AREAS and the AREAS OF NATURAL VALUES. In addition to being a rare and important natural phenomenon, its environmental impact is extremely important. THAT IS WHY THE AREA IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CONSTRUCTION!


The confluence area is a world of river terraces flowing over gravel or a gravel base with remnants of glacial activity. The confluence of rivers creates an exceptional diversity of aquatic and riparian habitats, eg. oxbow lakes, wetlands, springs, meanders and gravel pits. It is home and habitat to many rare and endangered plant and animal species.
Below the dam at the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka is a spawning ground for fish, and the natural habitat of indigenous protected species of Huchen, Grayling and Chub.

Impact on the environment

Noise pollution will disrupt human and animal behaviour!

Polluting the Sava River and groundwater reduces the local community’s health!

Destruction of natural habitats means less biological diversity!

Infrastructure overload in the local community means more traffic!

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